Energy Products

Endpoints for getting an account's energy products
A logged in user may have multiple Tesla Energy products (Powerwalls, Solar installations, etc.) under their account (congrats on being rich!).

GET /api/1/products

Retrieve a list of your Tesla Energy products.
The value of energy_site_id is used as site_id in the various energy product endpoints.

Request parameters


"response": [
"energy_site_id": 2252147638651575,
"resource_type": "solar",
"id": "313dbc37-555c-45b1-83aa-62a4ef9ff7ac",
"asset_site_id": "47d04752-9cf1-4e76-88fb-08839a1c41c4",
"solar_power": 2320,
"solar_type": "pv_panel",
"sync_grid_alert_enabled": false,
"breaker_alert_enabled": false,
"components": {
"battery": false,
"solar": true,
"solar_type": "pv_panel",
"grid": true,
"load_meter": false,
"market_type": "residential"
"count": 1