These endpoints issue various commands to the car.
These commands alter the vehicles state and return a boolean result to indicate success.
Wakes up the car from a sleeping state.
Controls for honking the horn and flashing the lights.
Start the car remotely.
Open or close the primary garage door via Homelink.
Limit the maximum speed of the car.
Enable Valet Mode and reset the in-car PIN.
Lock and unlock the car.
Open and close the trunk and frunk.
Open and vent the windows.
Open and close the panoramic sunroof.
Control the charging of the car.
Adjust the temperature settings of the car.
Control the media playing in the car.
Share a location to navigate to or video to play in theatre mode.
Start an update of the car's software.
Enable or disable Sentry Mode.
Synchronize a calendar with the car.
Miscellaneous features. (Changing vehicle name etc.)
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