These endpoints give the state of the various subsystems of the car.


All data_request endpoints have been deprecated in favor of the vehicle_data endpoint. All of the data they return is found in the response of vehicle_data within sub-categories and the documentation of these/what the different fields mean, still applies.

A rollup of all the data_request endpoints plus vehicle configuration.

Charge State

Information on the state of charge in the battery and its various settings.

Climate State

Information on the current internal temperature and climate control system.

Drive State

Returns the driving and position state of the vehicle.

GUI Settings

Returns various information about the GUI settings of the car, such as unit format and range display.

Vehicle State

Returns the vehicle's physical state, such as which doors are open.

Vehicle Config

Returns the vehicle's configuration information including model, color, badging and wheels.

Mobile Enabled

Lets you know if the Mobile Access setting is enabled in the car.

Nearby Charging Sites

Returns a list of nearby Tesla-operated charging stations.


Other miscellaneous data

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